Studio Growth

Grow your studio with fun and easy birthday parties!


Done-For-You Dance Camp Kits


How To Build A Successful Tiny Tot Dance Program


This course is designed to answer everything you need to know about how to start and grow a successful  tiny tot dance program from scratch. Specifically: how to get studentswhat to teach in classes, and how to keep students.


12 Done-For-You, Fill-In-The-Blank Studio Promotions That You Can Use To EXPLODE the Profits In Your Studio This Year With Ease. 

Stand Out From The Crowd...Naturally


Forget "me too" or copycat studio marketing. This 2-week course will help you create an exciting studio brand that reflects YOUR personal strengths and will allow you to grow your studio, and attract your dream students, with flow and ease. 

The Facebook Ad That FINALLY Works To Bring In New Students


The Guide to Facebook Ads that FINALLY work to bring in new students.