Building Confidence & Memories To Last A Lifetime...

One Incredible Child At A Time

Princess Ballerinas® classes combine the power of imagination, the magic of music and the joy of movement to help children blossom through dance. 



We all want the best for our children and to know that we're giving them the confidence and skills they'll need to lead happy and successful lives. At Princess Ballerinas®, we’ve crafted a program specifically for young children to introduce them to the joy of dance and imagination, but to also give them the skills and confidence to continue learning and growing for a lifetime. 

The Princess Ballerinas® program combines:

  • The technique and terminology of a traditional dance class. 
  • The creativity of story and imagination. 
  • The joy of music and movement. 

In Princess Ballerinas® classes, children learn and grow at their own pace, handing them the tools to shape their own experience. By letting children advance individually, within a defined and collaborative program, Princess Ballerinas® receive more than a fun dance class. They’re becoming empowered, confident kids.

  • Megan Meyers

    “My students think they are playing! They don't realize how much they're actually learning. That's what I love most about it. It makes class fun for EVERYONE!”

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    Dance Teacher & Studio Owner

  • Megan Meyers

    “As a child, dance changed EVERYTHING for me! It taught me the power to control my mind and body. It gave me confidence in myself and my ability to achieve ANYTHING I set my mind to.”

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    Founder, Princess Ballerinas

  • Megan Meyers

    “As a parent, nothing is more important than knowing I'm giving my child everything she needs to be happy and successful in life. Even though she thinks she's just having fun in dance class, it makes me feel good knowing she's developing confidence and important life skills at the same time. ”

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    Princess Ballerinas Parent