Studio Operations Manual

Every well-run business needs Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that everyone is on the same page when is comes to how things should be done at your studio, and the Studio Operations Manual is where these procedures live so that everyone has access to them and so that they can become an integral part of your growing business. 

What are some of the benefits of documenting standard operating procedures at your studio?

You'll be able to train new staff with ease, save time by delegating, make your business more scaleable, reduce liability, add real market value to your business in the event of a business sale. 

This is a done-for-you Operations Manual from a real studio with 400 students enrolled in 800 classes a week (dance, cheer, musical theater, music lessons, preschool), plus birthday parties, camps, several recitals and special events, a staff of 10 instructors as well as a full time office manager and marketing manager. 

The Dance Studio Operations Manual Includes...

  • 41 Page Word Document (so that you can customize for your own studio's need).
  • Office systems, Staff Checklists.
  • Opening procedures/Closing Procedures for Staff.
  • Procedures for student birthday cards, holiday cards. 
  • New Student Procedures: Welcome, Studio Tours, Handling Trial Classes. 
  • Procedures for enrolling/dropping a student.
  • Birthday Party Booking Procedures. 
  • List of studio roles & responsibilities for each position. 
  • Internal communications procedures for office and teaching staff. 
  • Procedures for emergency situations and injuries. 
  • Phone call/Email procedures for checking/returning messages from prospective parents. 
  • Make-up Class Procedure. 
  • Phone call scripts for admin staff. 
  • Procedures for handling donation requests from schools/non-profits. 
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Staff checklists
  • Marketing Manager checklist and 12-month calendar. 
  • Advertising checklist
  • 12-month general marketing calendar
  • CEO 12-month task list. 
  • Maintenance 12-month task list, timeline calendar and inventory supply checklist.

This product is a digital download. 

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