The Studio Story Marketing Course

Stand Out From The Crowd...Naturally

So you want to GROW your studio?

The biggest area that I suggest working on is your studio's marketing. 


Because working on your studio's marketing impacts and has an effect on EVERYTHING ELSE you do in your studio. 

To me, marketing is nothing more than telling a story. 

Whatever "story" you want to tell with your studio, automatically shapes how you do everything else in your studio. 

In some ways, this is a HUGE simplifier and time-saver for you as the business owner. 

If you decide your studio's "story" is that you're a world-class ballet academy, that ONE decision is going to inform all the rest. It's going to inform...

  • The COLORS you choose for everything from your logo to the colors of your walls.
  • The WORDS you choose to use on your website and in your advertising.
  • The TYPE OF CUSTOMER that's going to be a good fit for your studio. 

Whether your studio story is "ballet for little girls",  "fun and positive dance studio for kids", or "cutting-edge competition dance teams"... once you clarify your studio's "story" it's infinitely easier to make every other marketing decision. 

The other big mistake I see in the dance studio industry is that everyone is trying to look like everyone else. 

We all go to the same seminars and take the same courses.

Many of them teach a step-by-step system that ends up creating studios that all look the EXACT SAME. 

And I totally, get it, I've been there and done that too as a studio owner. 

I remember going to seminars and wanting to copy the example studios (or the studio consultant) verbatim because it was working for them and I just wanted to get results for my studio too. 

So, I'm not judging all the "me too" marketing out there in the studio industry, in fact, I absolutely understand it. 

However, I also think there's a better way. 

Instead of obsessing over the competition down the street (or on every other corner), what if we basically started to ignore it?

What if instead of trying to look like that amazing studio we saw in a Facebook group, we focused on our OWN strengths and built an amazing studio on THAT?

I'm all for step-by-step systems because they help us get organized and they help us implement simply and easily. 

But what if there was a step-by-step studio marketing process that started with exploring YOU and YOUR strengths?

What if there was a step-by-step process that helped you create your own ORIGINAL STORY... and built your marketing around THAT?

As educators, we are the first to recognize that each and every one of our students have special gifts that are unique to them, but sometimes we forget that the same is true about US.

Each of us is an original with special (sometimes hidden or forgotten) talents, skills, abilities to share with the world. 

As a studio owner, you already have a platform to share those gifts with the world, but I wonder if you're truly building a "story" and an original marketing message around your special uniqueness. 

Well...would you like to do that?

Would you like to hit "reset" on your studio's marketing and messaging and replace it with a "story" built on YOU and YOUR STRENGTHS?

This process is exactly what I walk you through in my Studio Story Marketing Course. 

It's a simple, step-by-step process that helps you start with exploring, remembering, and reflecting on your "youness".

Taking your talents, your passion, your skills, your experience and then distilling that into a clear "story" for your studio that will simply and elegantly communicate to the world what your studio is all about. 

Next, we'll go through the process of how each part of your studio (from your colors, to your wording, to the photos you use, to the way you advertise, etc) can be in line with you studio's "story". 

Yes, this is a step-by-step marketing process, but it's a process that starts with YOU and builds a "story" (brand and marketing message) around that. 

This is NOT about fitting you into a one-size-fits-all studio marketing box. 

Why go through this process? What's the payoff?

  • It'll get you off the "me too" marketing hamster wheel, where you constantly feel the need to watch what other studios around the world are doing. Who cares, that's them. You do you. 
  • You'll have CLARITY on who you are as a studio, and it's going to make your studio's marketing much easier because everything will revolve around ONE clear "story". 
  • When everything about your studio reflects YOU and your studio's "story" attracting (and keeping) the right families becomes infinitely easier. You can say goodbye to the revolving door of students who don't stay and you'll enjoy better retention and natural growth through referrals.
  • You can eliminate the competition. When you focus on building a studio and a studio story around YOUR fabulous originality you can stop worrying about others copying you or even being compared by families in your area. There's only one YOU in the world, and when you build your studio's "story" on that you put yourself into a category of one that NO ONE can touch. 

Most important of all, you'll enjoy your studio more because it's going to be custom-built around YOU.

What a concept!!! 

What's included in this course?

The course includes 10 self-study lessons that are delivered by email over the course of 2 weeks. 

Over those two weeks we'll walk step-by-step through the process of hitting "reset" on your studio's marketing. 

We'll start with exploring YOUR STORY and YOUR unique set of skills, passions, and experiences. 

Next, we'll distill off that special awesomeness into a simple and clear "story" for your studio to tell the world. 

This "story" will be the basis of every other decision you make when it comes to your studio (which is going to be hugely liberating by the way). 

Lastly, the rest of the process is going to include going through all the different puzzle pieces of your studio and re-working them in a way that fits in with the "story" you're telling. 

That's going to be the really fun part for you!!

By the end of this process, you'll not only have CLARITY on what your studio's original "story" is, but you'll also have it all written out in a blueprint that will make it a JOY to go through the process of bringing your story to life. 

It's going to be a really fun and enjoyable process, and it's definitely going to make your life as a studio owner MUCH easier. 

Studio Story Marketing Course
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