Fairytale Dance Program

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What is Fairytale Dance?

Fairytale Dance is an enchanting, story-based dance program for boys and girls. It builds confidence, personal development, life skills and performance skills in a fun and imaginative environment. Fairytale Dance gives your students a starring role in their favorite classic stories like Snow White or Peter Pan, taking the adventure from page to stage!

Each fairytale theme features:

  • Imaginative dance classes that bring beloved fairy tales to life for your students. 
  • Classes are based around fun, modernized twists on classic fairy tales that showcase empowered characters and positive messages. 
  • Each story focuses on a positive value such as courage, enthusiasm or determination to help you inspire students to be their best on and off the dance floor (parents LOVE this).
  • Each fairytale theme culminates in a totally done-for-you parent performance kit complete with music, scripts and choreography (your studio parents will be so impressed)! 

What's Included In The Fairytale Dance Studio Package?

  • There are 10 themes included with plenty of content to use over a 4-10 week session of classes. These themed kits can also work well for week-long camps that finish with a parent demonstration. 
  • The 10 Fairytale theme include: Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Peter Pan, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin. 

Each Fairytale Theme Includes:

  • done-for-you lesson plan that helps you dance your way through each story (with variations for ages 3-5 and 6-8 years). 
  • ready-made Spotify playlist to bring the story to life musically. 
  • Printable floor/wall spots to visually bring the theme to life with zero effort on your part.
  • parent performance script for the final day of each themed-session or camp. 
  • Done-for-you choreography with VIDEO that matches the theme/story. 
  • printable storybook to read the modernized story on the first day of each theme (Note: Each story is only 1-minute long so it doesn't take up too much class time). 
  • Fun student extras like a coloring page or activity sheet to take home. 
  • Parent communication extras like a done-for you 1-page Parent Update Sheet to communicate what's being taught during the theme + a printable sign to hang in your lobby featuring the "word of the month" (parents LOVE this!!). 

Here's a sample of some of the materials that will be included with each of your 10 fairytale themes:

This is a printable sign that you can post in your lobby or parent bulletin board...

compassion snip.PNG

And here's what the parent update handout looks like. All you'll need to do is print/post it or better yet, just send it out via email!

parent update snip.PNG

Plus, since "story" is so central to the Fairytale Dance class concept, each theme comes with a 1-minute story and a "storybook" printout to add to the fun of introducing the story in class. 

BandB storybook clip.PNG

And then, of course, the story comes to life through the class as you dance your way through the story and include the visuals from the story as floor markers.

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Note: This is a digital product and you'll get instant access to all 10 fairytale themes upon purchase. 

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