Guide: The Preschool Dance Teacher's Guide To Success

Learn The Simple, Effective and Joyful Method To Running A Preschool Dance Program


Digital Studio Guide (Instant Access): "The Preschool Dance Teacher's Guide To Success"

  • 77 page digital guide covering:
  • How to start a new preschool program from scratch OR re-launch a new program at your studio.
  • How to automate and systemize 99% of your administration and marketing to save time and cut out a lot of hassle.
  • Retention strategies that you can build into your program to AUTOMATICALLY retain students long-term.
  • Simple ways to boost enrollments via referrals.
  • How of offer “all-inclusive tuition” and simplify the number of payments you collect from parents each year. Parents LOVE this!
  • How to pre-enroll before each new session to ensure nice full classes before the first day!
  • How to price & package your program for maximum profitability for you and best value for your dance families.
  • Simple solutions for recitals and performances.