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How To Host Ballerina Story Time Events To Grow Your Enrollment

Looking for something UNIQUE & SPECIAL to offer to parents at the end of your Ballerina Story TIme Events?

Check out the Princess Ballerinas Dance Program!

Get started with a 1-month, no-obligation trial for just $1.

Also, here's an example of a flyer I use to promote my events (I also share these editable, ready-made resources with my Princess Ballerinas Members that you can customize for your studio!!). 

Ballerina Story Time Sample

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The REAL Reason Students Leave...


"She's going to take a break from dance". 

Those are some of the most heartbreaking words a studio owner can hear. 

Not only does it represent the loss of a student from our dance family, someone we've enjoyed seeing in class week after week, but it represents a loss of potential. 

Potential for what could have been. 

  • Milestones never reached. 
  • Technical skills never developed. 
  • Recitals that were never danced in.
  • Student friendships that will never happen. 

Of course, when a student…

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