How To Set Up Your Advertisements For Maximum Success


Next, we're gonna talk about how to set up your advertisements. So remember, we're operating from the standpoint that parents are already actively looking for activities and some of them are already looking for dance lessons. Specifically, we are just advertising to help them find us.

So I like to just stick with a really simple formula for all advertisements. And we basically have a few components that are going to remain the same, whether we're slapping this message on a billboard, in a radio ad, or on a flyer that we're passing out after we host a birthday party. So that's the really nice thing about this, is that we're gonna just be creating basically one simple advertisement and then just using all of those different media sources as a way to broadcast that message. So let's go through the components that you're gonna wanna make sure you have in each and every ad for maxim effectiveness. And we're gonna keep it really simple.

So, the image is going to be a really big part of communicating a lot of things. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. So I like to just simply use a picture of a tiny tot. Seems very simple, right? It makes sense. , but you'd be surprised. Some studios want to show off their competition dancers and show some ballerina on point or some competition dancer and some crazy extension with her foot over her head, and that's not going to call out who we're speaking to in this ad.

We want to specifically speak to and call out parents of young children who are looking for dance and so just the simple, most effective way to do that and catch their attention is to put a picture of a tiny tot dancer. I like typically using one image. It's just very powerful versus a whole class of students or even a classroom picture where there are lots of kids in the picture. Just a very like, close-up simple, or it could be full body, but maybe one child or two kids hugging.  Just keep it really, really simple, but keep it very classic. So in a little ballerina outfit, so a little pink tutu or a recital costume, something that's just classic. Something that's just very iconic and classic that someone could just see it for a second and know that this is about dance for a young child. So that image is our first component that is calling out, going back to that lighthouse analogy, being that beacon of light calling out to all the families who are looking for dance for their little

The next thing is some sort of simple headline that verbally is calling them out. 

So "parents, are you looking to get your child to started in dance?" 

"Parents, does your child love to dance and dress up?"

So something along those lines that we're just calling them out specifically and just very simply that was like a sentence where they can read that and say they're going to catch, see the image that's gonna catch their attention. They're going to read that headline and they're going to think, well, yes, I do have a child who loves to dance. Why, yes, I am looking for dance for my child. And then they know that this is for them and they can continue reading.

So that's really all we're trying to achieve initially with that image and that simple headline, just helping them to find us. And then we can get into a straightforward message about just extending your introductory offer. So keep it very simple.

If it's an introductory session, you can just give them a little quick blurb about it. If it's a trial class that, that can be your blurb is just now enrolling for classes, go ahead and give us a call or visit our website, whatever it is that you want them to do,  that's kind of the heart of the message.

It's very simple and it's very direct, and remember we also talked about the option of adding a secondary offer to families who have a tiny tot-age student and dance is on their short-term radar, but they're just maybe not ready to get started with booking a trial class this red-hot second or enrolling in an introductory session of classes.

So, the main offer is to book that trial class or enroll in this introductory session starting next week, whatever, whatever that's the big offer. But in smaller print, you can include a not ready to get started yet, request or get our free parent information packet and, we'll be here when you're ready to get started. Something along those lines. So it's just that little secondary offer that's casting that wider net to families who aren't quite ready to take action today but are definitely interested. 

You still want to give them an opportunity to get involved with your studio, even if that involvement right now is just handing over an email and a name in order to get some information, That is still valuable to you as a studio owner, especially when you think of the big term long term, big picture. And then you definitely wanna have a clear call to action.

So that just means be very clear about what you want someone to do, whether it's call us to book your trial, visit our website to register for your free trial. , whatever it is, just be very clear about what, what they need to do to say, how do they say yes to you? How do they say yes to you? So just be very clear about what that is and what you want them to do. So we're keeping all of this very simple. Again, we're not trying to convince anyone of anything. We're not really trying to educate anyone on this like new service called dance lessons that just came out on the market, anything like that. We are simply calling out to parents of young children who are already interested in activities and already probably have, or are leaning towards dance lessons and just helping them to find us. So again we're using an image that instantly communicates who you are, and what you're offering.

That tiny tot picture, very simple to do. We're using a very simple headline that's calling out to parents, parents of young children, and calling out to people who are potentially looking for dance. Then we're making that really simple baby-step offer, telling them exactly what they need to do to say yes.

They have a desire that's, that's existing. You don't have any control over that, and you don't, you don't need to influence that. They're already looking for dance. You have what they need. So how do you make it easy for them to say yes, this ad is helping them to be able to find you. And you're extending that really simple introductory offer that makes it really easy for them to say yes. And you're being very clear about what they need to do to take action.

Is it call you? Is it visit your website? Is it email you? Is it contact you via Messenger? You can give them a few different options. So just be very clear about what they need to do to say, “yes”.

And then lastly, remember that these components are, are staying pretty standard across whatever sort of media source you decide to use. So whether we run a Facebook ad or put together a flyer or do, postcards for a direct mail campaign, we're using these exact same components across all of these different media. So think of the different media as distribution channels for sharing your message and helping parents to be able to find you.

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