3 Secrets to Attract Preschoolers to YOUR Dance Studio


As explored in my previous post, preschoolers are the most important age group to attract to your dance studio, from a business perspective.

From a dance teacher perspective, preschoolers are treasured because are just plain wonderful!

While a successful dance studio owner has a good sense of business-savviness, at the end of the day we do it because we LOVE the children!

If you’re looking for new ways to attract preschoolers to your dance studio, here are some ideas:

  1. Be UNIQUE!

With a myriad of children’s dance schools out there, you should have something to set you apart. As a dance studio owner, I recognized this many years ago and have since tried a few different approaches. Most successful has been to provide a new themed class experience each session (themed music, themed props and LOTS of imagination). I've found that changing up the themes each session keeps students (and their parents) excited for class week after week but also provides plenty of structure as well. Overall providing a unique, themed experience has been for everyone. Children love them, parents recognize their value, and together they set my studio apart from the rest!

  1. Appeal to parents, but teach to the children

At the end of the day, a parent will choose which studio to send their children to. However, it’s the child you teach. It’s important to remember this distinction when marketing your studio and developing your dance lessons. When talking to parents, remember to show them the benefits of dance and why your studio is the best. When teaching children, it’s your actions that matter. I use my Princess Ballerinas sticker charts, coloring pages and award certificates to show parents how I’m unique and invested in their children’s learning, and to get kids wonderfully excited about dance and creativity!

  1. Host regular bring-a-friend open house events

One of the top secrets I’ve learned over the years as a dance studio owner is that word of mouth – and, better yet, opportunities to test out my studio – is the best way to attract new students. I appeal to preschoolers (and their parents) by hosting themed open house events and inviting existing students to bring a friend. These have been magical, fun, and wonderfully successful! Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I’ll share my secrets to a successful open house! Also coming up: how to keep students returning to your studio year after year.

For now, happy dancing!


P.S.- Looking to add something special and unique to your preschool dance program? Check out the Princess Ballerinas Dance Program!


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