Princess Ballerinas® Develops Confidence, Focus, Social Skills, and Self-Expression in a Fun and Imaginative Class Setting. 

We all want the best for our children and to know that we're giving them the confidence and skills they'll need to lead happy and successful lives. At Princess Ballerinas®, we’ve crafted a program specifically for young children to introduce them to the joy of dance and imagination, but to also give them the skills and confidence to continue learning and growing for a lifetime. 

The Princess Ballerinas® program combines:

  • The technique and terminology of a traditional dance class. 
  • The creativity of story and imagination. 
  • The joy of music and movement. 

In Princess Ballerinas® classes, children learn and grow at their own pace, handing them the tools to shape their own experience. By letting children advance individually, within a defined and collaborative program, Princess Ballerinas® receive more than fun dance classes. They’re becoming empowered, confident kids.

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Dance Changes Everything...

Princess Ballerinas® founder Megan Meyers describes the impact dance had in her life as a child.  

"Even though I had an ideal childhood (loving parents, a wonderful home life, great friends, positive school life), I was PAINFULLY shy and anxious as a child," says Megan. 

But dance changed everything.

Through the power of dance,  Megan describes her transformation from an anxious wall-flower into "a completely different person".

"I learned to control my body and mind and I realized that ultimately I was the one in charge of the results in my life. Over time, this realization gave me a sense of unshakeable self-confidence.."

"Dance changed everything for me. Because of dance I became a straight-A student, developed confidence and leadership skills. I became more involved in school activities and I won scholarships and awards because of my newfound ability to apply myself in all areas of school and life. Not to mention, I was a lot happier and having a lot more fun!"

Traditional Dance Classes Fall Short

Dance made such an impact on Megan that after graduating from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley she opened her own dance studio. However, Megan found that traditional dance classes didn't excite or engage young children in the way that she felt they should. 

"I'd enroll a new 4 or 5 year old student but after a few weeks or months they'd drop out and move on to another activity. After a while I realized I was still teaching classes the "old way" and it was just too boring and repetitive for today's modern child. I knew I could do a better job engaging my youngest students."

Instead, Megan envisioned a program that was imaginative and fun. "I didn't want to just teach technique and terminology with the same dance class week after week, instead I wanted to take my students on an exciting and imaginative dance adventure!"

"The Princess Ballerinas Way"

With the goal to share the power of dance and the vision to do it in a fun and engaging way that would inspire even her youngest students... Princess Ballerinas classes were born! 

"Once I started teaching the Princess Ballerinas way, I noticed an immediate change in my classes, my enrollment and the engagement of my students. They were EXCITED to come to class each week to see what sort of imaginary dance adventure we'd go on next. One thing that surprised me was how much more FUN I had teaching these classes. It turns out imagination and adventure isn't just for kids! But most of all I was happy that even though the focus was on FUN in Princess Ballerinas classes, I still knew that my students were getting the important stuff from their classes too: the confidence and the life skills that would serve them all their lives". 

While Princess Ballerinas classes had a humble beginning in Megan's local dance studio, today the Princess Ballerinas dance program has been shared with tens of thousands of children around the world through hundreds of local studios who offer Princess Ballerinas classes. 

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