Tiny Tot Success Course 2021

Optimize Your Tiny Tot Dance Program & Turn Your Studio Into A Fun & Easy Revenue Producing Machine  

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About The Tiny Tot Success Course

This course is designed to answer everything you need to know about how to start, grow or optimize your tiny tot dance program. Specifically: how to get students, what to teach in classes, and how to keep students for maximum impact in your studio's growth, profit and impact in your community. See the full course description below...

How The Course Is Delivered:

  • This is a digital, video-based course
  • The material is broken up into 4 main topics (see full course description below).
  • All videos are pre-recorded so you can watch as it's convenient for you.
  • "Cafeteria-Style" lessons so you can pick and choose to watch the videos and topics that will benefit you the most. This isn’t the kind of course you have to sit down and invest hours into, it’s more like a “knowledge bank” where you can come grab what you need when you need it.
  • You'll have lifetime access to course material. Come back to the course any time you want to. 


Who This Course Is For: 

  • Studio owners who want to grow and optimize their tiny tot dance program at their studio. You've got the studio, maybe you've even got some existing tiny tot students now let's take your program to the NEXT LEVEL and turn your studio into a revenue producing machine so you can get the best results possible for your studio and your students at the same time!
  • This course is also perfect for dance teachers or studio owners who want to start a tiny tot program from scratch in their studio or in their community including my step-by-step 60-day launch plan that I've used several times to launch new programs from scratch. 


What this course is NOT

  • It's not about using any particular style or curriculum. You DO NOT have to be a member of Princess Ballerinas to  benefit from this course.  This is a course on general strategies for growing (or starting) ANY kind of tiny tot dance program whether it's Princess Ballerinas or your existing program. 
  • It's not about adding a state-licensed preschool to your studio. Only teaching normal hourly classes to tiny tot aged students (usually 2-6+ years). 
  • This course is not about creating a mobile dance program that travels to preschools. Although, many of the strategies are still applicable if that's the kind of business you're in, most of the strategies are meant for bringing students to a central location where you're teaching classes on a weekly basis (like a studio or a rec center). 

What We'll Cover In The Course:


Week 1: How To Attract New Students 


You're going to find out:


  • What's the fastest way to enroll new students? How to get new students this month or even next week?
  • What's the cheapest way to get new students? 
  • Where to advertise? What are the best places to advertise?
  • What are affordable but effective ways to get your name out there?
  • How to advertise?
  • How to use social media to advertise?
  • How to use Facebook ads to advertise?
  • How to best schedule promotions during the year for maximum effectiveness? 
  • How to advertise without competitors copying you? 
  • How to reach parents? (Especially if you don't know any local families or have children of your own). 
  • How to reach & serve working parents? Are Saturdays your only option?
  • How to fill up morning class times? 
  • How to get families to enroll at the start of the season, and not half-way through the year?
  • How to compete with other preschool dance programs in the area?
  • How to compete with seasonal sports?
  • How to compete with music lessons?
  • How to compete with cheaper classes in the area?
  • How to compete with FREE classes in the area?
  • How to encourage word-of-mouth and referrals to grow your program?
  • How to grow and scale an existing (but small) program?


Week 2: The Classroom

(Best Practices For Teaching Tiny Tots + Best Practices For Dealing With Instructors) 


You're going to find out: 


  • How long should class times be?
  • What class times work best?
  • Should you offer sessions or month-to-month classes?
  • How long should a class session be?
  • What schedule works best for families?
  • How to know if you should offer one signature class or multiple class types for tiny tots?
  • At what age should a parent still be participating with the child?
  • What age groups should be in class together? 
  • What to teach at each age level?
  • How much repetition should you be using in classes?
  • How much variety should there be in classes?
  • What's the best music to use in tiny tot classes?
  • What's the best way to structure classes for skill progression?
  • How to organize, structure and plan out lessons?
  • How to keep students engaged in class?
  • How to keep classes fresh and exciting during the year?
  • How to standardize classes without it feeling fake or forced?
  • How to get students to do what you want in class? 
  • What's the best way to manage a class of tiny tots? 
  • How to get young students to memorize their steps (especially before a recital)?
  • How can parents feel included in your program without waiting until the recital? 
  • How often should parents be sitting in or watching classes?
  • What's the best way to communicate with parents in general? About what their child is learning, about important dates, about recitals, about the value of dance?
  • How to find great teachers- Enthusiastic, engaged and committed teachers?
  • How to get teachers to do what you want in class?
  • How to keep teachers excited and engaged about their classes?
  • How to plan recitals or performances for tiny tots?


 Week 3: How To Retain Students


You're going to find out:


  • How to get trial students to show up to their trial class? You've run the ad, and booked the trial...how to you make sure they actually show up?
  • How to get a new family to enroll after a trial class? 
  • How to enroll a family into a full-length program after a trial class or introductory session? 
  • How to keep students enrolled during the year?
  • How to maintain enrollment from fall to recital? 
  • How to prevent students from dropping mid-year? 
  • How to keep students enrolled when they start other activities (seasonal sports, etc)?
  • How to get families to re-enroll after the recital is over?
  • How to keep students year to year? 
  • How to get students to stay with your studio long-term and advance into upper-level programs?




 Week 4: How To Hit The Ground Running (aka... Get Fast Results)


 You're going to find out:


  • How to re-launch an existing program to inject more energy and excitement into your program?
  • How to enroll more students NOW (even if you have a recital coming up soon). 
  • How to use a re-launch to get existing families to enroll for fall before the recital?


Plus, if you want to learn how to open tiny tot programs in multiple locations (or if you're starting from scratch) we'll cover...


  • Where to begin? How to get started? What to do first, then second...?
  • How to find a location?
  • What to look for an a location?
  • How to get started in a church hall or recreation center for cheap or FREE?
  • How to get your first students enrolled?
  • How much should you spend on promoting a new program?
  • How do you get the word out about a new program?
  • What's the best time of year to start a new program?
  • How long will it take to get up and running?
  • What's the fastest way to get started?
  • What's the least expensive way to get started?
  • What kind of equipment will you need?

Plus, whether you're starting a brand new program or launching a second location, I'll walk you through my step-by-step 60-Day Launch Plan to get you up and running (with paying students) in 60 days or Less!

Course Tuition

Tuition for this course is a one-time fee of $497 which includes lifetime access. 

Want to break it up into payments? 6-payment option is available as well!


Meet Your Instructor

Hi I'm Megan Meyers.

As a passionate teacher and a long-time studio owner, I realized that a successful tiny tot program would be the key to my studio's success. After all, the place they start is the place they stay! In an effort to create "the world's greatest tiny tot dance program" I developed a unique tiny tot teaching curriculum called Princess Ballerinas. Today, the curriculum is successfully being used by hundreds of dance studios around the world (1,500+ studios to date). 

Now, this course isn't about the Princess Ballerinas curriculum (we're going to cover A LOT more than curriculum) but how can ONE program be just as successful in California as it in in New York, Ohio, Michigan or all the way over in Australia??

It's because there are universal strategies and tactics that work in ANY studio and ANY community. 

It's also because I KNOW tiny tots (and LOVE them!!).

I know the students, I know the parents, I know the teachers, I know studio owners... I get it.

I also know marketing and the studio business very well. Besides years of experience running my own studio. I have a business degree from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley & over 15 years experience in sales & marketing. 

While I've shared my curriculum successfully with hundreds of studio owners, this course is the first time I'm covering, in depth, everything you could ever want or need to know about optimizing YOUR successful tiny tot dance program. Plus, I’ll show you step-by-step, simple studio systems that will turn your studio into that revenue producing machine you desire.

I'm excited to share those secrets and strategies with you to help you optimize your tiny tot program (and your studio). 




Bonus Training

Pre-Course Bonus Training Image.png

You'll also get instant access to a Pre-Course Bonus Training Video + Worksheet that will walk you through a quick but powerful exercise that's going to help get your mindset into a state of allowing new ideas, solutions and inspiration to flow in (sometimes immediately just from doing this exercise!). 

Sounds like some magical, mind-altering voodoo... but trust me, you're going to love this! 

What Students Accomplish 

"Last year this time we had 154 students and today we have 231. That is exactly 50% increase!"

-Studio Owner Angie 

"I can't thank you enough!!! Since starting this new program we have already gotten 5 new students in two days!!!"

- Studio Owner Kirsten

"We had a tiny tot program last year with only 3 students....We now have 28 students in the program and are looking to expand to a younger age group next year. Can't wait to see the growth in this program this next year!"

- Studio Owner Amy


What are you waiting for?


The time to take action is now! Don't waste another second NOT optimizing: revenue, happy kids, and parents who tell everyone about YOUR studio!

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Money-Back Guarantee

"I always offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you find that this course is a good fit for you, just email me at megan@princessballerinas.com for a full refund."

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Got a Q? 

What if I need extra help?

I won't leave you hanging! You'll have access to me personal email address if you get stuck at any point. I've got your back!

I'm busy, how long is this going to take me?

I made this really easy to go through at your own pace. You can pick and choose what you want to learn and when. We're all busy, but the time you put into your studio will come back to you if you're committed. 

Even though you're busy, I think you'll find that once you get started going through the videos you'll be EXCITED to make simple changes in your program once you see the results that are possible. This can be FUN if you'll let it! :) 

Plus, you'll have lifetime access to the course so you can come back to it any time. 

Will I make my money back?

While I don't make any guarantees of financial results (because what you do with this information is 100% up to you), usually it's pretty easy to see a great return on investment.

The average studio charges $50-$99/month per student for tiny tot class tuition. Most studio owners only have to enroll ONE new student to cover the cost of this course. 

What If I don't have a studio yet?

This course has an entire section dedicated to how to launch a program from ZERO including getting started quickly and inexpensively (even for FREE!). 

Anything else? Email me at megan@princessballerinas.com