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Dance On Demand Is A Done-For-You Choreography + Lesson Plan Membership For Dance Studios That Will Inspire Your Staff, Delight Your Students and Impress Your Parents!

Specializing in Fun& Easy Choreography For Beginning-Intermediate Level Classes. 

Age-Appropriate Music + Movements That Your Students (And Their Parents) Will Love. 

Get A Dose Of Fresh Teaching Inspiration When You Need It. 

Get Your Staff On The Same Page When It Comes To Your Recreational-Level Classes.  

Save Yourself (And Your Staff) HOURS Of Planning Time. 

Add New Classes With Ease To Grow Your Studio + Revenue.

Dance on Demand

Dance on Demand is an online service that studio owners can share with their dance teachers to give them personal access to an ever-growing library of over 150+ ready-made lesson plans and choreography for your beginning-intermediate level classes including... 

  • Ballet 3-5 years
  • Hip Hop 3-5 years 
  • Pom 3-5 years 
  • Jazz 6-8 years 
  • Pom 6-8 years
  • Hip Hop 6-8 years
  • Lyrical 6-8 years
  • Jazz 9+ years
  • Hip Hop 9+ years
  • Pom 9+ years
  • Lyrical 9+ years
  • Adult Dance-Fitness 

You get 12 popular ages & styles included in your every-growing library of inspiration for you and your staff!

You'll get instant access to over 150+ routines right away plus new routines are added each and every month to your ever-growing library so you and your students will NEVER get bored!

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Take the Dance on Demand Studio Membership for a 30-day "test drive" and see if it's a good fit for your studio. If you decide to continue after your trial ongoing membership is just $57 per month thereafter. There are no contracts, you can cancel at any time... even before your $1 first month trial is over. 

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Sample Choreography Videos

Each routines includes a video with counts, a video with music, plus choreography notes for easy reference in the classroom. 

Jazz 6-8 years

"Move Your Feet" from the Trolls Movie soundtrack. 

"Move Your Feet" choreography notes...

  • Roll R 1-2, roll left 3-4, push up R 5, L 5, down 7-8. 
  • Again 1-8. 
  • Jazz square 1-6, arms reach up 7, down 8. 
  • Again 1-8. Hold 4-count break. 


  • 4 "pumps" 1-8. 
  • 2 double "pumps" 1-4, 5-8. 
  • Skip to the right 1-8. 
  • Wave up slow 1-2, 3-4, fast 5-8. 
  • Skip to the left 1-8. 
  • Repeat waves 1-8. 


  • Move to a straight line (back to front) 1-8. 
  • Step outs (groups A/B) 1-4, 5-8. 
  • Roll off 1-8 (drop).
  • Roll off 1-8 (up). 
  • Needle turn (groups A/B) 1-4, reach up 5-6, arms down 7-8. 
  • Move back to lines/windows (or another formation) 1-8. 
  • "Melt" down to the music 1-4 and "melt" back up 5-8. 


[Chorus repeat]

  • Roll R 1-2, roll left 3-4, push up R 5, L 5, down 7-8. 
  • Again 1-8. 
  • Jazz square 1-6, arms reach up 7, down 8. 
  • Again 1-8. 


  • Move to two groups 1-8. 
  • Group 1: Pirouette 1-8. 
  • Group 2: Pirouette 1-8. 
  • Prepare 1-2, chaînés turn 3-4, reach up 5-6, arms down 7-8. 


  • "What's up" arms 1-2, pivot 3-4, "What's up" to the back 5-6, pivot to face front 7-8. 
  • Move to lines/windows 1-8. 


[Chorus repeat]

  • Roll R 1-2, roll left 3-4, push up R 5, L 5, down 7-8. 
  • Again 1-8. 
  • Jazz square 1-6, arms reach up 7, down 8. 
  • Again 1-8. 
  • Roll R 1-2, roll left 3-4, push up R 5, L 5, down 7-8. 
  • Again 1-8. 
  • Move to ending formation and pose on "yea!". 


Hip Hop 9+

"Crazy in Love" by Beyonce

Ballet/Lyrical 6-8 Years

"You'll Be In My Hear" by Phil Collins. 

Adult Dance-Fitness

"Look What You Just Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

Hi! My name is Megan Meyers.

As a studio owner for over 15 years, I learned that in order to grow a successful and thriving dance studio you must focus on ONE thing above all else. 

Really FUN, high-energy dance classes that keep students excited to come back to class week after week. 

Without that, nothing else matters. 

Not how gorgeous your studio space is or how slick your advertisements are...

If your entry-level classes aren't SUPER fun (and high-energy, and fresh each and every month) you're going to have a tough time growing your studio. 

The studio business is 100% about being able to attract and retain beginning level students over the long-term. 


You do that by providing an AMAZING classroom experience that inspires and delights your students. 

However, as a dance teacher for 20+ years and a studio owner for 15+ years, I know how difficult and time consuming it is to search for new (and clean) music as well as choreograph new routines every single month. Especially when you teach a range of ages and styles. 

That's why I created Dance on Demand. 

As a simple solution for dance studio owners and dance teachers who want to provide fun, fresh and high-energy classes for their students each and every month without having to do all the work of finding music and creating choreography themselves. 

As a member of Dance on Demand you get access to dozens of ready-to-teach, fun dance routines that your beginning-level students will LOVE. 

Plus, new routines are added every month so your students will NEVER get bored. 
The purpose of Dance on Demand is to help you INSPIRE your staff, DELIGHT your students and IMPRESS your studio parents so that you can grow your studio, make more profits and impact more lives through the amazing power of dance. 

Happy dancing!


Questions? Email me at megan@princessballerinas.com. I'm here to help! 

Love From Our Fabulous Members:

"AMAZING! Our school is loving everything so far. So many thanks for the fun, fresh, exciting new ideas! Already the kids and parents are fans. We will be customers for a very long time." 
- Studio Owner, Amie
"Love it and I like the appropriate moves for children. We do not agree with making our kids older than they are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Studio Owner, Renee
"I'm always impressed by all new things you have to share.  

We're always excited to see what's up your sleeve next.  Keep up the good work!"

- Studio Owner, Meaghan
"I love this program and choreography!! Thank you so much!"

- Studio Owner, Britt
"Thank you so much ....your program is fantastic, and very helpful."

-Studio Owner, Phyllis

I think you'll love it too! - Megan

Questions? Email me at megan@princessballerinas.com