Guide: The Preschool Dance Teacher's Guide To Success

In this guide I'll share with you...

  • Simple systems that I use to easily grow my student of all most are low-cost or FREE strategies.
  • Easy tricks I've found to skyrocket my student retention... things that make the parents and students happy too!
  • Super simple administrative systems that free up my personal time so that I'm not stuck behind a computer all day... and save me money on admin staff too. 
  • How I use an "All-Inclusive" Tuition Model to collect fees for things like recital expenses...Studio parents LOVE this feature and it makes my life SO EASY! If you hate feeling like a bill collector you will LOVE this!
  • Studio Start-Up Guide: Perfect for starting a studio from scratch or adding a preschool program to an existing studio from scratch. I also include a re-launch guide to help you increase your preschool enrollment if you have a program but want to give it a boost of enrollment. 
  • Summer Guide: How to run a pre-enrollment campaign before your year-end recital... and how to bridge the dreaded gap of summer months.

Note: This is a digital guide and it'll be delivered to your inbox immediately upon purchase. Happy reading!!

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Guide: The Preschool Dance Teacher's Guide To Success

A Simple, Effective and Joyful Method To Running A Preschool Dance Program

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