Grit, Grace, and Inspiration: This Mompreneur Figured Out How to Have It ALL...And You Can Too!


A huge THANK YOU to Kevin Lowe for having me on his amazing podcast, Grit, Grace, and Inspiration to discuss my book, "Shine Online: How to Start A Successful Virtual Business and Gain the Freedom and Flexibility to LIve Your Best Life, Now!"

Listen in to learn...

* How I started my first business at 18 teaching dance on the Napa State Hospital property. 
* My life "behind the scenes" as an NFL cheerleader.
* How teaching dance and running a studio fell into my lap 20 years ago. 
* How and why I created the Princess Ballerinas dance program for my own studio. 
* How I started my online business with ONE Facebook ad and $500.
* What entrepreneurship REALLY takes.
* The TRUTH about running an online business. 
* How to care for small people at home AND make a full-time income (without killing yourself).

Links from this episode:

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