Developing Your Preschooler’s Imagination Through Dance


Imagination is a beautiful part of being a child. If you’ve spent time watching your child play, you’ll know that imagination can transport them into a whole other world of fun, learning, and excitement.

It will probably come as no surprise that dancing is a wonderful way to exercise your child’s imagination. One of my favorite quotes, which captures the interplay between dance and imagination, comes from the book Pepito’s Story by Eugene Fern:

When he was dancing, Pepito felt as if he could be anything at all. He could be a king, or a clown, a lion, or a mouse; or a pirate with gold rings in his ears. He could be a seagull in flight or a blade of grass, or the wind itself, when it blows on the sea. There was nothing he couldn’t be, when he was dancing. Was it any wonder he loved to dance? (7)

Here are some fun activities that you can try at home to develop your preschooler’s imagination through dance. These activities will also reinforce the skills that they earn through dance lessons.

  • Act out your favorite storybook through dance
  • Incorporate objects into dance at home – like scarves, ribbons and streamers
  • Make simple rice shakers (by pouring rice into empty water bottles) and have your child use these as they dance to emphasize the beat
  • Take your child to see a musical or a ballet
  • Encourage your child to draw a picture of themselves dancing
  • Put on music and get your child to dance like different animals. Dance to the music as a cat would, then an elephant, then a frog, and so on.

Happy Dancing!

Miss Megan